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Having our technology managed in such an organized, professional way is a great change for us.

The value the team brings is much more than could be expected from our one team member.

Managed IT Services

Our most comprehensive service delivers a complete IT management solution for thriving New York City businesses. Our proven processes provides top level IT support and vCIO services that increases productivity and potential for profits.

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What We Do

Our Managed IT Services focuses on providing top level IT support and vCIO services that align your business with your technology, which in turn increase productivity and potential for profits.

Effective cost management is one of the more effective ways of improving your margins. The ability to deliver the same, or better, products or services for less on the bottom line leads to increased profits. Companies that leverage Managed IT Services gain access to an entire team of IT specialists while avoiding 100% of the employee overhead costs.

Our Approach

Assess, plan, adjust, grow. Having worked with New York City companies for more than a decade and a half,we have developed a proven system for streamlining and aligning technologies with goals an initiatives.

Using a set of tools, standards and conversations we gather information regarding the current state of your environment. From the network devices to service vendors and everything in between, we create a thorough map of your network and it's functioning state.


Using the information gathered during the assessment, we develop a technology strategy which includes a budget for the coming one to three years. We work closely with you to determine priorities, challenges and deadlines and create a plan hits all the marks.


In addition to implementing the upgrades, migrations or changes in the developed strategy, we begin to make the adjustments necessary to your environment in order to bring it up to a set of standards we have developed over more than a decade and half. This process is continuously run and one that delivers stability and efficiency.


With your technology functioning in support of your business, and productivity improved, growth is now sustainable and profit potential is enhanced. Every client that comes to us for Managed IT Services can see improved operations, morale and productivity with informed strategic planning and a focus on meeting standards.

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Leadership Team of Industry Veterans

Our leadership team has a combined over 50 years of experience in the field of small business technology. Being present for the evolution of technology solutions once only exclusively available to large enterprise being made available to the small business, gives incredible insight into how best to leverage them effectively. There is nothing that can come close to that level of expertise.

We're not all geeks, but we're all nerds.


Adam Warshaw Melissa Minchala Robert Martin


Growing Number of NYC Businesses Are Choosing Managed IT Services

And with good reason. But those that choose to work with us make an exceptional choice. Here's why.

While others focus solely on keeping your systems up, we work with you to help you meet your goals, overcome your challenges and complete those initiatives that will set you apart. We become invested in your success.

To that end, as a DataVelocity Managed IT Services client you get access to an entire IT team with none of the staff overhead costs. In addition to dedicated network administration, tech support, helpdesk and project management, you also get procurement, vendor management, and virtual CIO to help guide you to make the best IT decisions for your business objectives.

We are staffed and ready so you don't have to be.

Our hiring process is arduous. And that's on purpose. It can take months for us to find the right candidate and that works great in your favor. Our staff is highly vetted and tested before we ever extend an offer. And we don't let them slack off once they join us.

There is a lot of continuous learning and training, whether on specific vendor brands, our management tools or technologies in general. But the best part, they LOVE it because passion is one of our leading criteria.

We know how difficult it is to find a talented technician, believe us. But you know that our technicians are above the grade if they've made it through our process and beyond.

One of the immediate benefits you see is a significant increase in productivity and workplace morale. Your employees are happiest when they can do their jobs. With a network and systems that are at their peak performance and a reliable place to call when tech support is needed, they'll feel appreciated and their work valued.

And when your employees are happy, your clients soon follow suit.

Of all the intangibles, perhaps the most valuable is space and time. When we take over your IT, you suddenly find yourself with the space and time to focus your energy on what you do best.

Whether you are the office manager in charge of everything from facilities to payroll, the Partner in charge of Operations or the Owner who is the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, your company's IT may be one of the more complicated items on your list.

We remove that burden from your plate and work side by side with you to ensure that your mission and vision are met.

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