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Synchronized Network Security

Hackers coordinate their attacks. It’s time to coordinate your defenses. Synchronized Security gives you unparalleled threat protection and slashes incident response time by 99.9%.

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What We Do

With Synchronized Network Security your security solutions to talk to each other, sharing information and responding automatically to threats. For example, if the endpoint detects a threat, the firewall automatically isolates the infected computer and then the cleanup kicks right in to finish the job.

Smart hackers coordinate their attacks across your system. Now you can outsmart the hackers by coordinating your defenses. Synchronized Security is a best-of-breed security system where products work together and respond automatically to threats. It gives you unprecedented threat protection and slashes incident response time by 99.9%.

A New Approach To IT Security

Synchronized Security is a best of breed security system that enables your defenses to be as coordinated as the attacks they protect against. It combines an intuitive security platform with award-winning products that actively work together to block advanced threats to give you unparalleled protection.

Unparalleled Protection

Best-of-breed products packed with next-gen technology actively work together to detect and prevent advanced attacks like ransomware and botnets.


Automated Response

Security information is shared and acted on automatically across the system. It isolates infected endpoints before the threat can spread, slashing incident response time by 99.9%.

Real-time Insight and Control

See - and control - what's happening in real-time for simpler, better IT security management.


How It Works

Synchronized Security is a best-of-breed security system where integrated products dynamically share security information and automatically respond to threats. Here's a quick video on how it all works together.


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Sophos Silver Partner Our partnership with Sophos puts us in a unique position to deliver cutting edge network security to our clients. 

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