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WiFi Heat Map

A WiFi heat map will show exactly where the poor signal areas are and what could possibly be causing them. Signal interference or weak hot spot, each has a different solution. Knowing what the cause is will lead to getting the solution right the first time.

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What We Do

Whether moving to a new space and planning your network, or enhancing the existing network, a WiFi map is essential to getting it right. We'll come to your office, present or future, and survey the area with our mapping tools to create a map of where are the best locations to place the access points in order to create a full coverage WiFi network.

Once the map is created we can give you a list of the access points (APs) we recommend to create the best coverage of you area. We can also give you information on any existing APs that may causing issues, that are superfluous in a particular area and better used in another. In the end, you will have an end to end plan on how to improve your WiFi network.

What You'll See

Once we survey your area, we will generate a report with several heat maps, including the following:

Signal Level

Signal Level

The first visualization will show the signal levels with blue being the strongest and red the weakest.

Conflict Ratio

Conflict Ratio

The second shows the conflict ratio, or signal to interference ratio, indicating where APs are getting radio interference from other devices.

AP Quantity

AP Quantity

The third visualization is the quantity of access points which, when analyzed against signal strength, may show the best place to add more APs.

Put Your Heat Map To Work


Who Is It For

  • Office Managers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Business Owners
  • IT and Network Administrators
  • Contractors

What It Can Do

  • Create effective and descriptive coverage maps
  • Detect neighboring APs
  • Explore wireless environment
  • Improve connectivity
  • Increase network speed and stability

What It Can Fix

  • Rogue APs, broken APs
  • SSID configuration issues
  • Packet loss, high latency, coverage voids
  • Excessive interference
  • Conflicting and overlapping channels
  • Signal leaks from your building

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