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Melissa has been in the IT industry since the mid 90′s and has held several active Microsoft Certifications, including MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), since 1997. Having worked for non-profits such as Planned Parenthood and WNET Thirteen, she is skilled at creating tech solutions that are the most cost effective, and deliver the best ROI. More importantly, it was at these organizations that she also learned about service and support, as well as the importance of standards and the role of technology in the success of any business.

In time, she decided that she would take her passion for technology, knowledge and training to service the small businesses in the same way that she did large organizations. For some time, small businesses were at a disadvantage with the cost of enterprise hardware and software many times being outside of their reach. But soon enough the technology industry saw the potential in the small business market and began to offer products that would help small businesses compete more efficiently, at prices they could afford. As CEO, Melissa drives DataVelocity to deliver the products and services that allow businesses to take advantage of those technologies to improve their operations for greater results. In her entrepreneurial career, she has been very interested in being active in the Latino/a professional and business community.

In 2007 Melissa was NJ chapter President of LISTA (Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association) and produced a number of events and panel forums to educate Latinos about the opportunities in the technology field allowing them to network with leaders in the industry. She have also lobbied Congress with LISTA for more and better efforts towards net neutrality.


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