A Business Continuity Plan is not complete without a Disaster Recovery Plan.

What Is - Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a subset of Business Continuity. While the goal of Business Continuity is to minimize or eliminate the amount of downtime experienced after a disruptive event, thereby increasing the resilience of the business, Disaster Recovery deals with the process of storing and saving data for the purpose of recovering it on the occasion of said disruptive event.

There is a bell curve for the adoption of technology in every industry. Early adopters tend to be very open to risk and like being on the cutting edge of technology. They drive the industry forward and find great reward there.

... those who fail to reach the next generation of consumers may find themselves left behind.

The Digital Native Generation

Just as our parents grew up in an age when the automobile had long replaced the last horse and buggy, our children have grown up in a time when the internet and related technologies had already replaced older technologies their parents had taken for granted.

No plan is ever complete until it has been tested once and again.

The Seven Key Elements of A Continuity Plan

A Business Continuity Plan is put in place to lower or eliminate altogether the downtime that comes after a disruptive event. These can come in many forms including fires, floods, user error, poor infrastructure, malicious activity, hardware defect, and this day and age, even terrorism. All of these can lead to loss of internet and telecom connectivity and even the loss of data.

The Think, Design, Enable and Run approach serves as a solid guide for project managers charged with implementing new technology.

Integrating New Technology Into Business Processes

Organizations, customers and supply chain logistics benefit from technology-driven change that improves business processes. There are many risks involved in integrating new technology into business processes.


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