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There was a time when a phone was just that, a phone. You had your home phone, your office phone, your home office phone, and if you were fancy, your car phone. If people wanted to reach you, they had to take measurements of the time of day and circumstances of the moment to estimate the best number at which to reach you. If it were 3pm on a Tuesday, there was a good chance that they could reach you at your office phone, but at 5:30pm, it was a toss-up between your office phone and your super flashy car phone. And if you were among the anointed ones that could occasionally work from home, you had to either give out your home office number to the selected few or call to get your messages and give call backs. It was a hassle.

With the advent of the cell phone, some of this has been alleviated, but you’re still giving out a list of numbers to clients and vendors: office number, cell number, extremely outdated car phone. Ok, so maybe you don’t have a car phone anymore, but we can all agree that you generally want most people to reach you at one number of the other, and most will only call one number and move on to the next person if they can’t reach you at that one. And for that reason, here are three ways that hosted VoIP can revolutionize productivity in your workplace, and once and for all kill the car phone industry.

#1: Improves Productivity Through Mobility
With people working not just from home, but from a number of varied locations, being able to communicate and effectively collaborate is becoming more important. Hosted VoIP removes the necessity of “finding" a colleague before further pursuing any requests, eliminating the hassle and improving productivity.

#2: Simplifies and Improves Voicemail
Voicemail is a handy tool that we have grown so accustomed to, we can’t imagine a time without it or how something so simple and so basic can be made better. However, if you have a role where you are responsible for multiple lines and routinely have to log into your phone system to retrieve and sort through each voicemail in each box, you probably have a few ideas on this subject. The hosted VoIP feature of voicemail to email is likely one that is keenly appreciated. This feature allows a user to configure their voicemail box to automatically send messages as sound files to their email address. This makes identifying and responding to urgent matters much easier and sorting through voicemails easier in general. Both of these resulting in, you guessed it, better productivity.

#3: Enhances Customer Service
Call waiting, call forwarding, hold, mute, and redial are all features businesses have come to rely on. They are used regularly to properly manage customer service calls. Hosted VoIP offers additional features that work to further enhance your clients’ customer service experience. Find Me / Follow Me automatically forwards calls based on your settings so calls are never missed, voicemail to email in real time cuts response time to messages dramatically and hosted VoIP can be integrated with your existing CRM further ensuring seamless delivery of excellent customer service.

Hosted VoIP can improve the productivity of your organization in a number of ways. If you’d like to know more about how hosted VoIP can empower your business to be more productive and keep up with modern business needs, contact us today.


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