The Technology of Sales

When thinking about the role technology plays in your business, it’s natural to think of sales almost immediately.

Sales is possibly the most important aspect of your business in terms of revenue. Communication is key to this department, and it happens in many different ways. Not only is it vital for your sales people to be able to respond to emails in a timely manner but they should be regularly reaching out to their clients and prospects, following up with some and closing deals with others.

Reliable phone and email are not the only tools needed here, but a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as well. Keeping track of all the activity and making sure that no potential goes without thorough follow up requires a good tool. The tool you chose to invest in will determine the results realized. In the end, without some sort of sales management tool, your team won’t be effective, and your sales numbers will reflect that. Of course, the ability to better manage and measure the productivity and efficacy of your sales team through the CRM goes without saying.

In addition to this, let’s not forget the one sales team member that never sleeps, your hardest working team member, your website. A website that is set up to capture leads, formats properly for smartphones and desktops is essential in today’s digital world. Without one your company is at a significant disadvantage and your sales team is working with a handicap. A good website, reliable email, phone systems and a good CRM provide your sales team the tools they need to meet and exceed their quotas.

How much is new client acquisition worth to your company? Is your website performing as expected? Are you currently managing your sales team through quotas and reports or good faith? Could your sales team improve their performance? Is there anything you can do to help facilitate that? Answering these questions can lead you closer to the sales results you’re looking for.


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