The Think, Design, Enable and Run approach serves as a solid guide for project managers charged with implementing new technology.

Integrating New Technology Into Business Processes

Integrating New Technology Into Business Processes

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Organizations, customers and supply chain logistics benefit from technology-driven change that improves business processes. There are many risks involved in integrating new technology into business processes.

Think, Design, Enable and Run is a business management approach used to guide project managers through this enterprise change process.

Think: The Roadmap

A business project related to changing a business process should start with a comprehensive review of the company's strategic goals and objectives. Be prepared to convince the organization's stakeholders why they should buy into new technology. Stakeholder will include employees, shareholders, customers and vendors. Communicate how integration of the new technology aligns with the company's business strategies and growth objectives.

Design: Integrated Solutions

The goal of technology solutions is to increase efficiencies of existing business processes and ultimately optimize customer service by delivering both increased functionality and quantifiable cost benefits. Design efforts should focus on aligning core business processes with a return on investment (ROI) that delivers directly to the company's bottom line. This will require early cost benefit analysis assessments by project managers when preparing financial projections.

Enable: Technology Implementation

No strategy can be effective without attention to implementation. Roll out new technology through a phased implementation approach. The stakes are particularly high on complex technology implementations. Remember that if you do not get implementation right the first time, users will revert to old business processes.

Run: System Support

Measurement systems and technology support are crucial elements to have in place after going live with a new technology implementation. Depending on the specifications, this may include both in-house support and outsourced support that host components of the technology or business process. Internal and external support should be solidly in place to respond to the need for adjustment or change.

The Think, Design, Enable and Run approach serves as a solid guide for project managers charged with implementing new technology. It helps teams to think about this critical business development process in an organized and proactive way.


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